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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the well established Contractor/ Sub Contractor for the below mentioned work.

1 Mar’15 to Cont… Reliance Industries Limited , Jamnagar Mechanical  and other allied job 15 Crores(Appx)
2 May’15 to Oct’15 Essar Project (I) Vadinar, Jamnagar High Tan Shutdown job 2 Crores(Appx)
3 Jan’11 to Cont… Essar Heavy Engineering Services (Hazira) Structural Fabrication   and Sand Blasting works 25 Crores(Appx)
4 May’14 to Oct’15 Reliance Industries Ltd., Dahej Piping work and scaffolding 2 Crores(Appx)
5 May’12 to  Mar’14 Samsung Engineering Co Ltd. Opal Dahej Man Power Supply of Piping work 20 Crores(Appx)
6 July’12 to March’14 Jindal Power and steel angul Orissa Man Power Supply of Piping and structural erection work 2.5 Crores(Appx)
7 Sep’09 to Feb’12 Essar Project (I), Jamnagar Fabrication & Erection Testing & Mechanical Completion of A/G Piping for ARU/SWS Unit. & U/G Piping or DCU, ARU/SWS, ISOME Unit ARU/SWS, ISOM Unit. 8.5 Crores(Appx)
8 Oct’06 to Dec’12 Essar Construction Ltd Surat Structural Fabrication   and Erection & EOT crane, Gantry Crane, Fabrication, Erection, Allignment, Shit pile & rae Materials, Loading, Un-loading at B/F Jetty. 10 Crores(Appx)
9 Apr’07 toNov’09 RPL Real Pipe Fabrication and Erection, Testing & Mechanical competition, commissioing at CFU & Equipemetn Erection with allignement, structure fabrication and erection at CFP & OSBL. 9.25 Crores(Appx)
10 Sep’97 to Sep’00 Dodsal Ltd RPL offsite jamnagar IBR. NON IBR, SS pipe fabrication & erection structure 55 Lacs
11 Jan’98toMarch’99 Dodsal Ltd Essar Oil jamnagar Fixed-roof tank, External & Internal Floating roof tank 1.5 Crores(Appx)

May, I there of hope that you will be kind enough to give me chance for fabrication and erection, labor supplier plant maintenance contractor on the basis of above experience.

Y K Enterprises is a major Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Manpower Consulting and Telecom Services conglomerate company with global operations.